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A photo of the new jerseys for the Cleveland Browns may have leaked. It looks like a football jersey! Redditors were really excited about getting cited in the local paper's story. We also have more info about what the new helmets will look like.

Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Would it be easier to get a stadium project underway and an NFL team in Los Angeles if the league approved it? Or would it be better to defer to the league's "process" for making it all happen? I tend to think the former. The NFL believes the later, and won't be voting to approve one of the Los Angeles projects at their May owners meetings.

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   The most ridiculous take of the offseason didn't come from an anonymous scout of the nephew of a West Virginia coal miner. No, it came from LeSean McCoy, who made the case that Chip Kelly is doing all of these confusing roster moves because he doesn't like his star players.
   Hines Ward is opening a restaurant in Seven Fields, Pa. It's called Table 86, and it's clear that Ward is going to need a better hook against competitors like Double Wide Grill.

Cheap Nike NFL Jersey From China Jack Del Rio has prioritized hiring former players for his coaching staff. Anyway, together with the players, they're going to pick a lot of fights that they think they'll win. So much for self-awareness.

Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Online Jets fans are already thinking about which potential draft picks they'll shower with their own special kind of praise as only Jets fans can.  Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys.

Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys: Chiefs coach Andy Reid took in a little baseball on Monday, hitching a ride across the parking lot to cheer on the Royals.

Contact Information: Tavon Austin was going to be a really exciting, one-of-a-kind football player in the NFL. Instead, he's a punt returner for the St. Louis Rams. Needless to say, disillusioned fans are starting to wonder if it's not time to move on from the eighth overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.
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